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 Wednesday evening from 6:30 – 8:00 pm EST, for 8 weeks

We will explore, in present time, beliefs that are creating our life experiences by doing the Belief Management Mini Course.

Beliefs are the coloured lenses that filter out from all-that-is what we wish to experience.

This mini-course will explore the relationship between your beliefs and your experiences.

Beliefs can be very powerful. Beliefs have a greater effect on a person's success or failure than any technique or opportunity. Beliefs determine how one will experience life. They can be assistive or they can be impeding.’ Harry Palmer – creator of the Avatar materials.

We will also learn some tools to calm the mind and direct attention.

“In worst cases, instead of being of service. the mind churns and frenzied self-stimulation.” excerpt from The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons - Harry Palmer

Has your mind ever turned in frenzy self-stimulation? Mine has! I love that line! Join us and learn how to calm the mind and expand using it deliberately.  

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