We see a world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening


To transform consciousness and empower lives.

We are a spiritually adventurous community, unleashing our divine potential through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.
Core values
  • Transformative Experience: In the flow of life, I am an ever-evolving, peace-filled spiritual being.
  • Authentic Practices:  My thoughts, words and actions are direct expressions of my spiritual beliefs.
  • Embracing All:  I joyfully welcome and accept all people just as they are, unique expressions of the Divine.
  • Powerfully Spiritual:  I step into an ever-increasing realization of infinite potential working in me, through me and as me.
  • Loving Service:  With positive intentions, I actively participate in co-creating more of all that is good in our Centre, Our Community and Our World.
Spiritual Cooperative
We take ownership in being a part of our Spiritual Community

We are an engaging spiritual community who come together, physically and virtually, inviting collaboration in working toward a common goal, our mission. Our mission is Transforming Consciouseness and Empowering Lives, which members take ownership of creating, participating in and maintaining.

Membership Is Stewardship
Members of our Spiritual Community take ownership. You do not have to be a member to Volunteer, Give or Participate. You do need to be a member to have a vote. Voting is taking ownership for our future.